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Online Course: Using facebook at your club

Online Course: Using facebook at your club

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Facebook is an important tool for clubs and not just to communicate but also to attract new members, increase registrations and sponsorship dollars and improve fundraising capability. Clubs that utilise the power of Facebook to meet their club objectives have a much greater opportunity to grow and succeed.

This course offers an introduction to Facebook as well as covering more advanced topics. It is suitable for all ages and technical abilities and is designed to be easy to follow video format. The course is made up of 3 lessons each consisting of 2 modules that can be taken consecutively or in any order.

The lessons are as follows:

Lesson 1.
- Setting up a Facebook account
- Setting up your Facebook profile

Lesson 2.
- Finding friends and interacting on Facebook
- Liking and posting
- Setting up your club’s facebook page

Lesson 3.
- Using facebook advertising to promote your club
- Case Study: How Fitzroy Victoria Bowls Club uses facebook to meet its club objectives

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