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Online Course: Committee Induction and Training

Online Course: Committee Induction and Training

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The Committee Induction and Training online course is designed to give you a broad base of knowledge that will allow you to gain a level of understanding of all aspects relating to running a club.

We like to think of it this way, if you were made president of your club and had no idea where to start, our Committee Induction and Training Course is the place to get the knowledge to help you and your club meet its objectives. This course is also a great way to train new committee members so they don't feel like they have been thrown in the "deep end".

There are 14 videos in the course which cover the below topics:

  1. Roles and responsibilities of the committee
  2. Unleashing the power of goal setting
  3. Creating a culture of volunteering
  4. Member protection
  5. Attracting and retaining volunteers
  6. Coach Development
  7. Fundamentals of digital communication
  8. Unleashing the power of your club's website
  9. Unleashing the power of your club's newsletter
  10. Using facebook to meet your club's goals
  11. Using twitter and periscope at your club
  12. Fundamentals of fundraising
  13. 20 top ways to raise funds at your club
  14. Managing your club's finances

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